Flights Review-$170.00*

Is it that time again?  Two years can go by fast.  First of all, don’t worry.  Flight reviews are not a test!  It is a training event with the sole purpose of going over the maneuvers specific to your license and returning your skills to the level required by your license.  The review consists of one hour of ground instruction and one hour of flight instruction.  Should you need a little more or just want more, that is okay.  Here is the flight review form we use.  If you wish to prepare a little before, you can check it.  If you’re rusty, it might save you some time.

An alternative to the flight review is the completion of an additional rating or license.  The completion of our mountain flying proficiency course is another good way to do a flight review.  Check out or flight training page.

*This price is an estimate based upon 1 hr of ground instruction and 1 hr of flight instruction plus an estimated amount of fuel for 1 hr.  The exact cost may vary a little.