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We are now a partner with SkyWest Airlines through their Pathway Program.  Students who meet the requirements may apply to become a pilot cadet. If selected, students will receive unmatched opportunities to interact with SkyWest pilots, and they’ll gain experience that will help them as they transition to becoming a commercial pilot.

Additional Benefits:
SkyWest pilot cadets enjoy:

  • Increased seniority within their ground school class.
  • An employee number at SkyWest Airlines and credit for time as a cadet for the purposes
    of benefit eligibility and company seniority.
  • Opportunities to interact with and receive mentorship from SkyWest pilots.
  • Leisure travel privileges at the time the cadet has met minimum qualifications to become a first officer and within 30 days of starting SkyWest ground school.
  • A guaranteed final interview for a first officer position at SkyWest Airlines.

To qualify:

  • Must have a CFI License
  • Must possess a valid driver’s license
  • Hold a commercial multi-engine and instrument pilot certificate
  • Hold a current First Class Medical
  • No more than three failed check rides (stage checks do not apply)
  • Organizational skills and advanced ability to multi task
  • Communication skills, both orally and in writing

Aerotech Aviation CFI’s may click here to apply.