Private Pilot License ($10,000 – $12,000)

We use our 25 lesson syllabus to prepare our students to successfully pass their FAA checkrides. Students usually do 1-3 lesson per week, but can do as many or as few as they desire to meet their specific time and budgets requirements.

Each lesson contains a ground instruction and a flight instruction period.  The ground and flight instruction times can be shortened by the students preparation prior to each lesson.  The cost is based on time, thus a prepared student can save a lot of money by coming prepared.

This syllabus is designed to prepare the students to pass the flight portion of their checkrides.  Many topics found in the written test and on the oral exam will also be covered, but time outside of the flight training will be necessary.

Our training syllabus covers additional subjects not required by the FAA, but was determined to be extremely important, especially when flying here in Utah.  The extra training covers mountain flying, flying in and out of the Salt Lake International airport airspace and a few extra emergency procedures.

Costs:  Our students spend between $6000 and $8000 to get their private pilot license.  See the cost estimate sheet.

FAA requirements for a private pilots’ license:
40 hours of total flight time, which must include:
20 hours of flight instruction and
10 hours of solo flight time.

We suggest you schedule an Introductory Flight or just do lesson #1 and see if it is everything you have been dreaming about.