“Flying with Doug was super rad, he taught me so much throughout my private pilot hours. I started flying with Doug after completing ground school at SLCC, where I learned a lot of theory and textbook information, but Doug’s short ground lessons and in flight training put all of that into use and made it enjoyable. Doug had his own plane but was cool to teach me in mine, he was very competent with the Piper Cherokee and helped me to get to that level. Flying was fun and Doug had plenty of interesting stories about aviation and his past experience to fill some of the long hours. One of the things he taught me that has helped me the most and is something that I think about every single time I fly was emergency procedures; randomly when cruising or performing maneuvers, Doug would kill the throttle and say “You just lost your engine, what are you going to do”. I would then run through my emergency procedures – checking the source of the failure as well as finding a safe place to land. I have that checklist burned into my memory now, and constantly throughout flight, I am looking for safe places to put the plane down in case something happens. Doug was a great flight instructor, and a great friend to fly with.”